Events - 2013


A pictorial summary of where we've been this year

Page last updated 20 January 2014


Finsbury Park road run, 17 February 

Route 234A anniversary, 17 March

Bluebell Railway - East Grinstead festival, 6 April

East Grinstead running day, 14 April

Cobham Open Day, 21 April

RT4779 proving run, 27 April

Windsor & Slough running day, 12 May

Alton Bus Rally, 21 July

Worthing Bus Rally, 28 July

Wings & Wheels, Dunsfold, 24-25 August

Traffic circular, 31 August

Epsom Fun Day, 22 September

Amersham, 20 October

Bluebell route 409, 27 October

Merton Open Day, 17 November

408 route re-creation, 24 November


Bluebell route 409

Temporarily disguised as a 410, RT4779 climbs out of Redhill on the way to Godstone.

Photo © Nigel Henty


As part of the Bluebell Railway's vintage bus day, route 409 was recreated between

Godstone and Forest Row.  RT4779 stands at the southern end, Forest Row.


Traffic circular

The Hinsons completed a circuit of north and south circular with RF433, seen here

arriving northbound off the Woolwich ferry.



The Worthing trip included checking out the cosy 14'6" bridge at Pulborough Station.

Photo © Tony Albery


Promenade sunshine - just the ticket.


Windsor & Slough

Two former 'Billingshurst' buses in service together.  RT2177 and RT4779 both required

extensive rebuilding after being left outside for 15 years.  Here, RT2177 is driven by

George Gamblin, who drove RT4779 on its last day in LT service in 1978.  RT4779 

first entered service from Windsor Garage.

Photo © Steve Whitelegg


The bus stop has changed, but Essex Avenue still boasts an impressive line of TV aerials.

Photo © Steve Whitelegg


Windsor Castle hasn't changed much, either.

Photo © Nigel Henty


Cobham at Brooklands

RT4779's five year restoration from wreck to 1963-overhauled LH bus is finally complete.

Part of the story is illustrated here.


Bluebell Railway

On day 13 of the Bluebell's East Grinstead Festival, bell-ringers travelled the line and

three buses (two RFs and a King Alfred Leyland Leopard) provided transfers to the

village and a tour of the local area.


But the day was really about trains, and the Bluebell's remarkable feat of reaching

East Grinstead.  Here the fireman of 9F 92212 collects the token for the section north of

Horsted Keynes.  Rather newer than the RFs, but none the less imposing for that,

especially on the climb up to EG.


Turning off the Sheffield Park road at Danehill, to provide transport via the alternative

route.  The day almost felt like spring, but there were no bluebells.

Photo © Ian Legg


Period pieces at Horsted Keynes.

Photo © Ian Legg

All photos © Peter Osborn unless otherwise stated.