RT30 events

30 years since the last RT

On 7 April 1979, a week after the last RF, RT624 became the last RT to run in London Transport passenger service when it ran in to Barking garage at lunchtime on a Saturday.  It and its fellows were replaced on route 62 by Routemasters, the bridge at Chadwell Heath having been widened to accommodate them.
In early April 2009, three events marked the anniversary:
  • Cobham Bus Museum's Wisley Gathering celebrated by operating RTs and RMs on its bus services, and newly (re-)restored RT1 was unveiled next to numerically the last RT, the LT Museum's RT4825.
  • On Easter Sunday, 12 April, four RTs ran over route 62 from Creekmouth to Barkingside, returning to terminate at Barking Garage.
  • On Easter Sunday and Monday, London Bus Co in conjunction with Ensignbus operated three RT services to the east of London, two red routes from Romford under local service permits and former Country route 339 between Epping and Brentwood.
And, just for the record, 29 November 2008 marked 40 years since the fondly-remembered RTL class last ran in service.  That date too was commemorated, in the pouring rain, just as it had been 40 years before.  Photos at the foot of the page.

Barkingside High Street as it should look - terminating RTs on the 62 jostle for space on the stand.  RT1784 followed by RT2688 passes RT2043.

Photo © Peter Zabek


The last RT in LT public service, RT624 was in operation again in 2009.  Here it arrives at Brentwood Station, bound for the traditional terminus at the Robin Hood & Little John public house.

Photo © Russell Young


Not one of the District Line's best known stations.  Upney Station was, and is, served by route 62.  RT2043 heads north on its way south (it's that sort of route).

Photo © Peter Zabek



And so to the RTLs



The RTL celebration ended up at St Pauls, where RTL139 working the 11 is overtaken by a successor type on the 23, Trident ALX400 DN33515.

Photo © Peter Osborn