Colindale Running Day

Route 251

The 251 is one of London's longest established single-deck routes, having commenced operation as 551 in 1925 and taken on most of the modern route in 1934.  Until 1968, the route ran only as far west as Burnt Oak, then being extended to Stanmore via Stonegrove until being reduced to run only to Edgware in 1993.
RF420 awaits departure on a short working to Highwood Hill Rising Sun, from where buses ran out of service to Edgware garage.
Photo © John Law
STANMORE STATION, Stonegrove, Edgware High Street, Burnt Oak, Mill Hill Broadway, HIGHWOOD HILL, TOTTERIDGE, ARNOS GROVE.  Some short workings to BURNT OAK will continue via Colindale to COLINDALE RAF Museum.  Journeys to Stanmore Station will continue to Stanmore Church to stand. 


The 251 will run every twenty minutes between Burnt Oak and Highwood Hill, less frequently on other sections. 


Main boarding points

Stanmore Station bus stop B

Edgware High Street bus stop N (towards Mill Hill), bus stop P (towards Stanmore)

Burnt Oak Broadway bus stop K (towards Mill Hill), bus stop C (towards Edgware), bus stop H (towards Colindale)

Mill Hill Broadway bus stop F (towards Totteridge), bus stop A (towards Burnt Oak)


Note that buses will not serve Edgware Station Road or Bus Station.


Route history
A full history of the route is here.