Colindale Running Day

Sunday 29 August 2010

Programme and late changes

Programmes by post

An illustrated commemorative programme will be available from our stand at the RAF Museum on the day, price £7.  The programme contains full timetables for the services, departure summaries, details of routes and boarding points and notes on visiting the RAF Museum.  Please note that a programme is not required to travel on the buses.


In December 1972, RF333 stands in front of Charles Holden's 1932 Arnos Grove Station.
Photo © Malcolm Allan
There are (at least) two misprints in the programme.  On page 5, the footnote should say that buses will NOT serve Edgware Bus Station.  On page 11, the bus is RT4190, not RT2190.
Schedule amendments
Since the programme went to press, there have been a number of amendments to schedules, including the non-availability of buses planned on duties 7 and 39.  These are summarised as follows:
Additional departures:
Route 221: 1054 RAF Museum to Edgware, 1120 Edgware to North Finchley, 1201 North Finchley to Edgware, 1250 Edgware to RAF Museum.  Running no. 35.  1554 RAF Museum to Mill Hill East, 1615 Mill Hill East to RAF Museum.  Running no. 22.
Route 240: 1114 RAF Museum to Mill Hill East, 1135 Mill Hill East to Edgware, 1210 Edgware to RAF Museum.  Running no. 32.  1404 RAF Museum to Edgware, 1430 and 1530 (replaces 240A) Edgware to Mill Hill East, 1455 Mill Hill East to Edgware, 1555 Mill Hill East to RAF Museum.  Running no. 35.
Route 240A: 1534 RAF Museum to Mill Hill East.  Running no. 1.


Journeys withdrawn:

Route 292: 1550 from RAF Museum, 1620 from Stirling Corner.

Route 240A: 1504 from RAF Museum.  See also below.

All of running number 39:

Route 113: 1102 from RAF Museum, 1115 and 1215 from Hendon, 1145 and 1245 from Edgware.

Route 221: 1454 from RAF Museum, 1520 from Edgware, 1601 from North Finchley.

All of running number 7:

Route 240A: 1209 from RAF Museum, 1230 and 1330 from Mill Hill East, 1305 and 1405 from Edgware.

Route 251: 1522 from RAF Museum, 1604 from Totteridge.


Running number change: journeys on 113, 221: '36' should read 31.


Type changes: 142 journeys planned for the RTL will now be RT-operated.