Colindale Running Day

Route 240A

Route 240A was introduced in 1947 to provide a service over new roads to the east of Mill Hill Broadway, initially to Page Street Bunns Lane. in lieu of the planned Northern Line extension along the old railway line from Mill Hill East to Edgware.  The route became famous as the last home of the post-war Leyland TD class.  In 1966 the route was replaced by the 221.
RF403 working EW1 stands on the old forecourt of Edgware Station, no longer in use for buses, in July 1963.
Photo © Gerald Mead
EDGWARE STATION via Mill Hill Broadway, Page Street to MILL HILL EAST.  Short workings to MILL HILL BROADWAY will continue to COLINDALE RAF Museum


The 240A (in conjunction with the 240 and 221) will operate every 10-20 minutes between Edgware and Mill Hill East. 


Main boarding points

Edgware Station Road bus stop A

Mill Hill, The Hale Hale Lane bus stop B (towards Mill Hill Broadway), bus stop J (towards Edgware)

Mill Hill Broadway bus stop F (towards Mill Hill East) and bus stop D (towards Edgware)

Mill Hill East Station bus stop A


Note that buses will not serve Edgware Bus Station.


Route history
A full history of the route is here.