Hackney Marshes - summing up


Easter Sunday 2006 saw 19 preserved London Transport buses in service in the East End of London.  The buses ran on seven routes, worked about 160 trips and carried over 2,000 passenger journeys.


Buses in service included RLH61, the last bus on route 178 (and the last RLH in London) 35 years before, doorless RF433, one of the last crew buses on the 236, also 35 years before, and RT190, one of the first RTs on the 38A in 1947, on its first London passenger service for over 30 years.


We are pleased to report that the standard of professionalism shown by all was outstanding, and there were no reported problems other than traffic delays.  TfL have confirmed that they have no negative comments about the day and feedback from passengers and crews alike was very positive.


A photo gallery of the event appears on this site.  For the record, the original web pages for the event are attached.