Green Line 80th Anniversary

17 July 2010

Photo report


As recorded here, the 80th anniversary of Green Line coaches was celebrated with the recreation of the first ever service, later numbered 715, and a Road Run of historic vehicles and displays in Guildford and Cobham.  There follows a brief photo report on the day, with thanks to the photographers who have provided pictures for the page.


As they say, every picture tells a story.


The new generation of double-deckers was represented by this Wright-bodied Volvo VNX37276, route-branded for its usual home of the 701/702.  The 65-seater was replaced for the middle of the day on that route by the single-decker 20367.  Here the coach is seen alongside the Thames in The Terrace, Barnes, on the diversion to avoid Hammersmith Bridge.

Photo © Russell Young
Green Line coaches as far as the eye can see along Victoria Street.  The road run set off from Embankment; T219 is followed by T504, T792, RT3254 and RMC1507.
Photo © Laurie Akehurst
Plaxton-bodied Volvo 20367 in heritage livery worked an early journey from Cobham to London, before swapping duties with one of the Twindecks.  It is seen here before departure, ahead of RTL139 which subbed for RMC1461 whose engine is under repair.
Photo © Peter Osborn

RT3491 worked one of the daytime journeys to Embankment and paused at Parliament Square on the return.

Photo © Peter Osborn


It was standard practice in LT days for Green Line crews and coaches to work local bus services before (and occasionally after) their Green Line duties.  The 408A to Merrow was the most usual route in Guildford, although 436 shorts to Burpham were also operated.  These routes saw all types of Green Line vehicles - today they included an RT and P3.
Photo © Peter Larkham
The third member of the T class present, post-war Country bus T792, also provided a Green Line relief service.  It is seen here just after negotiating Guildford's contribution to the traffic delays.
Photo © Peter Osborn