Carshalton Depot pictures

Christmas Day 1959

The forecourt of CN, Christmas Day 1959, with RTs 543 and 1329 ready to run out on

the 630 (RT1844 was already out) and RT287 awaiting a run on the 154.  Did Alan Cross

miss the turkey and Christmas pud to take these pictures?

Photo © Alan Cross


Delicensed B1 90 at CN

One of a series of picutures believed to have been taken by John L Smith (Lens of Sutton),
showing withdrawn trolleybuses being driven away to the scrapyard a couple of days
after they came out of service on 3 March 1959.  Note the newly-overhauled RT in the left
side of the garage, still showing Private blinds from its transfer in.
Photo Peter Osborn collection