Morden Hall Road in 1950Worcester Park

Transport history

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Merton-based utility Daimler D16 heads for Raynes Park on route 32 on 20 Apr 50. The picture is taken in Morden Hall Road and also features several cars of the period.  Private car ownership was beginning to rise by 1950 and was the major factor in the peaking and slow decline in bus usage evident in the 1950s.

Photo © Alan Cross


Following our Worcester Park Running Day in 2008, this section of the site provides some background to the area and its transport history, including the excellent and comprehensive monograph by Derek Fisk.





Spring of '63



Correspondent Andrew Hicks has sent copies of a selection of his photos from the area taken in the early 1960s.  Here treelopper 973J (formerly STL1512) tackles its last job in March or April 1963 - Andrew tells us that the job was completed by a new lorry, one of the Thames lorries purchased that year, no doubt.  973J was working from Hammersmith Riverside at the time, and was then stored at Aldenham until sold that September.  About to pick up the gentleman carrying his raincoat after a spring shower is RF532, notable for carrying blinds with lower-case intermediate points, which had only just been introduced to the fleet before the 213 converted to RT in May 1963 (which is of course the job the treelopper is undertaking).

Photo © Andrew Hicks