RF314 outside Leatherhead garageRed RF routes

New OMO routes commencing 1970-71

The final group are mainly OMO conversions to RF (rather than to Swifts), but include the 151, the re-introduction of a mid-day only service to Carshalton Beeches that (not surprisingly, perhaps) lasted only 6 months.  The final 'new' RF route was a section of the North Circular route 112, which was split due to congestion on that road. 
RF314 awaits departure from Leatherhead garage on the 71 on the day it replaced the usual BL (see the 71 page).  Behind is a first-generation London Country Atlantean, in all-over Imperial Life livery - surely one of the most uncomfortable buses ever to be inflicted on the travelling public and absolutely no match for the RTs they replaced on the 408.  At least the later ones were a bit better.
Photo: Ian Armstrong Collection
1970-71 routes, in order of introduction:
     151          10 Oct 70       Belmont - Sutton
71   (Sun)   2 Jan 71   Richmond - Leatherhead
204     16 Jan 71   Hayes - Uxbridge
223     16 Jan 71   Ruislip - Heathrow Airport
224     16 Jan 71   Uxbridge - Laleham
224B   16 Jan 71   Uxbridge - Stockley Estate
202     18 Sep 71   Hounslow - Richmond
212     18 Sep 71   Palmers Green - Dollis Hill