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Route 204

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One of the Uxbridge RT routes converted to RF OMO in January 1971.

RFs still rule the roost at Uxbridge in early summer 1973.  Uxbridge garage's RF391 departs on the 204 to Hayes Station, passing London Country RF568 from Windsor garage, sporting decidedly non-LT blinds.  Did Uxbridge residents know where 'Farnham Road George' was, one wonders?  The 204 was converted to Swift operation in June; both RFs were to be sold for scrap the following year.  A 'modernised' former Green Line RF on the 457A  to Windsor Castle sits behind, while Garston's really rattly Atlantean AN96 in London & Manchester advertising livery has run in on the 321 and is hiding.
Photo © John Parkin

Dates of RF operation

16 Jan 71 to 29 Jun 73

(total 2 years 5 months, all OMO)




UXBRIDGE STATION and HAYES Bourne Avenue (Sun)
RF Garages
UX    Uxbridge

Reason for single-deck operation

RFs were introduced in 1971 to enable one-man operation, as part of the major reintroduction of RFs to Uxbridge, also covering the 223 and 224 group.


Route history
The 204 was introduced in 1951 as part of the post-war expansion of services, running daily from Uxbridge via Colham Green to Hayes Station (known to the Great Western as Hayes & Harlington).  Uxbridge garage (UX) provided STLs on weekdays and RTs on Sundays, with RTs taking over completely the following year.  The Uxbridge to Colham Green section was shared with the 223, with which route the 204 remained closely associated. 
A peaceful Sunday at Uxbridge.  RF402 works UX32 to Hayes Bourne Avenue.
Photo Peter Gomm collection
The first change was in February 1955, when the 204 took over the 223's Sunday workings from Uxbridge to Ruislip, together with part of its Monday to Friday peak hour service.  These journeys were passed back to the 223 in March 1961, except for one morning and one evening journey on Monday to Friday which operated for two more years before being withdrawn.  On the same date, 8 Mar 63, the route was extended southwards from Uxbridge instead, on Monday to Friday, to West Drayton (between peaks and early evening) and (peak hours) London Airport Central.  This extension replaced the 224C.
Also on 8 Mar 63, the Saturday service was withdrawn, being replaced by the 204A.  This route recreated the Ruislip link during shopping hours on that day, with a corresponding reduction in the 223 service, otherwise running simply between Uxbridge and Hayes.  The 204A lasted until the end of 1966, when the Ruislip journeys reverted to the 223 and the remainder was renumbered 204.
Thus in the late 60s, the route ran from Hayes Station to Uxbridge, then on to West Drayton and Heathrow on Monday to Friday.  The next change came on 19 Apr 70, when the route was extended on Sundays from Hayes Station to Hayes Bourne Avenue
The conversion from RT to OMO RF occurred simultaneously with that of the 223/224/224B on 16 Jan 71, along with the transfer of the Heathrow services to the RT-operated 222 (as far as Heathrow North) and the revised 223.  The RFs didn't last long on the route, being replaced by SMSs on 30 Jun 73.
SMS382 works to Hayes Station in 1978 or 1979.  This bus was only 11 years old when scrapped in 1982.
Photo © Paul Redmond
The route was extended daily to Bourne Avenue in 1979 and converted to LS-operation in 1980, before being renumbered U4 in 1989.  The U4 is now a busy route and was converted to double-deck operation in 2003.
RF route in detail, with timing points
UXBRIDGE STATION, Bakers Road, Belmont Road, High Street Uxbridge, Hillingdon Road, Kingston Lane, Pield Heath Road, Hillingdon Hospital, Colham Green Lane, West Drayton Road, Harlington Road, Judge Heath Lane, Botwell Lane Roundabout, Botwell Lane, Church Road, Station Road, Blyth Road, Clarendon Road (return via Clayton Road to Station Road), HAYES STATION (daily).  Extended Sundays via Station Road, Dawley Road, Bourne Avenue to HAYES Bourne Avenue.
Map © London Transport 1972
Year Mon-Fri Sat Sun
1971 10-15 mins 15 mins 80 mins
From Uxbridge, the route took about 24 minutes to Hayes Station, 30 minutes to Hayes Bourne Avenue.
The 1965 faretable (when the route was RT-operated in a horseshoe-shape, the western part having replaced 224C) is here.
RF allocation
PVR 1971 (Jan): Mon-Fri 7, Sat 6, Sun 2
PVR 1972 (Jun): Mon-Fri 8 (+1 ex 224B), Sat 6, Sun 2





The 204 was operated at the Uxbridge Running Day in 2011 and 2012.


RF486 running the Sunday 204 to Hayes Bourne Avenue, seen in Bourne Avenue.

Photo © Peter Osborn