Carshalton 2007

Timetable - route 151 (RF)

 LT timetable for the short-lived 151 RF route The complete January 1971 timetable
The 151 which we will be operating on 15 April will be the RF route (which ran for 6 months only over the winter of 1970-71), not the better-known RT route.  There was no Sunday service - we hoped to run the Saturday timetable (a few minutes earlier in the morning omitting the first two journeys), but due to the non-availability of one bus, we regret there will be no afternoon service.  The service starts at Carshalton Windsor Castle at 1109.
Between Carshalton Road and Belmont Station, routes 213 and 151 cover the same routing and will run about every 20 minutes.
Amended times here.  Full timetables for all services are in the illustrated programme.
Main boarding points

Sutton Green, bus stop B

Sutton Police Station, bus stop K (towards Belmont)

Sutton Post Office, bus stop R (towards Sutton Garage)

Carshalton Windsor Castle

Carshalton Beeches Station

Belmont Station

A brief history of the 151 is here.