Route 227 centenary operation

Saturday 13 August 2016

Page last updated 12 August 2016

Event page retained for reference
A single-deck B-type dating from 1916 (probably either B3492 or 3494) in Bromley High Street, opposite The Greyhound, in about 1924.  The conductor assists a passenger to board for Penge Crystal Palace Entrance while a horse is led past.
Route 227, now operating between Crystal Palace and Bromley North Station, marks 100 years of operation in August 2016.  In 1916, munitions production from Woolwich Arsenal was increased substantially to meet the requirements of war.  This in turn required a large increase in staff, who had to be drawn from a much wider area than before.  The Ministry of Munitions accordingly agreed with London General Omnibus Co the provision of a number of extra buses, including two new routes.  One of these, then numbered 109, ran from Penge (Crystal Palace Entrance) via Bromley, Chislehurst and Eltham to Woolwich. 
The handout to be distributed on the day is here (large file).
Beckenham High Street in about 1951.  A 'Scooter', the LT-class six-wheeler that preceded the RFs on the 227, heads for Bromley.  Although not running on the 227, a Scooter will be on display at Bromley Garage Open Day.
As part of the open day at Stagecoach's Bromley (TB) Garage, itself originally a Tilling garage, route 227 will enjoy a free heritage operation on Saturday 13 August 2016, with all buses continuing from Bromley North to Bromley Garage.  Heritage buses will also operate on route 61 (between Bromley South Station and Orpington only).
Buses will run approximately every half-hour on the 227 and every ¼ hour on route 61, between 11.00am and 4.00pm - see the timetable here, revised to include extra 227 journeys and show planned vehicle allocations.  Usual caveats apply.
Route 227
Buses will operate a free service between alternately Crystal Palace or Penge and Bromley High Street, alongside the TfL service, serving all usual 227 stops, and then run via Bromley North Station (eastbound only) and Bromley South Station to Bromley Common Bus Garage.  
The change from Scooters to RFs is well illustrated by Geoff Morant's picture of RF338 sandwiched between Scooters in Bromley Market Place.  The size difference is startling.
Photo © Geoff Morant, Mike Morant collection 
Route 61 
Buses will operate a free service between Bromley South Station and Orpington Perry Hall Road, alongside the TfL service and serving all usual 61 stops.  Buses will not continue beyond Orpington towards Chislehurst, or beyond Bromley South to Bromley North.
Feeder services
Early journeys on 227 depart Crystal Palace at 0930 and 0953; see the timetable.
For those travelling from points east, RF28 will operate a feeder service on route 725 as follows:

GRAVESEND, Harmer St (Clock Tower)



Gravesend Station (Down Side booking office)



Northfleet, Bus Garage



Dartford, Market Street



Crayford, Sainsbury's



Bexley, Library (NB Not via Bexleyheath)



Sidcup, Morrisons



Chislehurst, War  Memorial



Bromley, Kentish Way, Widmore Road



BROMLEY, Bus Garage


The return 725 journey departs Bromley Garage at 1645.
The buses which replaced RFs in 1971, the AEC Swift SMS-class. A rather scruffy SMS158 loads to Penge.
Photo © Paul Redmond
Status of services

These services are provided free of charge.  The operations are not part of the London Buses network and Transport for London has no responsibility for them. Use of bus stops is by agreement with TfL on this basis. Drivers are required to comply with all instructions given by authorised officials of TfL and London Buses on the use of bus stops and bus stands. In the event of any difficulties affecting London bus services, be aware that drivers may be required immediately to vacate bus stops and stands.


The buses are elderly, are privately owned and are operated and maintained at their owners' expense. Please respect this and do not bring food or drink onto buses.  All services run and carry passengers subject to the discretion of crews and passengers travel at their own risk.  Please take care when entering and leaving vehicles.
Thanks to Stagecoach and TfL for their support for the centenary operation.