Kingston 2009 RF Event

Sandown Park 22 March 2009

RF line-ups

Ian Smith's shot catches 26 of the 28 RFs that lined up at lunch time.
An alternative view of the lunch-time line up.
Photo © John King
Green line - modernised Green Line RF281, Country Area RF539, London Country RF644, modernised Green Line RF28, original Green Line RF226, Country Area RF667, sightseeing RF13 in the livery of later operator Hampsons of Oswestry, Country Area RFs 672 and 673.  RF308 is awaited.
Photo © Chris Stanley
The red RF line-up, plus gold RF504.  All standard red RFs.  Except three have no doors (two never having had), two carry second fog-lamps (one as fitted by LT), one carries the late white-roundel livery; etc.  A very uniform class remarkable for the differences in detail.  RFs 489, 457, 319, 326, 366, 429, 354, 534, 486, 433, 453, 491 and 421, awaiting RFs 503, 406 and 395 to complete the line.  Green Line turned Country bus RF280 is the odd man out.
Photo © Chris Lewis
Sandown Park grandstand and a mass of photographers face the line-up.
Photo © Peter Osborn
Courtesy of Transdev London United, four RFs worked the garage run over the 206 to Fulwell Garage, where they lined up under the tram track markers.  See also here.
Photo © Peter Osborn