Carshalton, Boundary Corner


When the trams first made their way from Croydon to Sutton, they ran over roads created for the purpose through open country. When they reached west of present-day Wallington, the tracks turned north along Boundary Road, presumably denoting a parish boundary.  When the trams gave way to trolleybuses, a turning circle was built to allow short workings from the Croydon direction.  Because we can, we present some pictures of CN's B1's at this point, which will be served by RTs on the 154 on 15 April 2007.


David Bradley cartured B1 90 at Boundary Corner

Chris Cook reports on David Bradley's website that 'there was a terminal loop there as you can see by the arrangement of wires. The bus shown isn't on a short working though, the trolley poles are on the 'main line'. The only time tabled use of this was the very first bus from Croydon on Sunday mornings, but I recall some Saturday extras turning there. The lay-by that went with that loop, also shown in your picture, remained completely unused after 1959 for many years, until unexpectedly a couple of 154 [RT] regular short workings used it for a few years in the 1970s.'

Photo © David Bradley