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Page last updated 17 August 2020
We are delighted that a number of former LT crew members have taken the time to provide recollections from their time on the buses - including, but not exclusively, on RFs.  Their memories are included under the relevant routes, and may be accessed via the following list:
Alan Bond EW 240A, West, Operations
Alan Neale  P, Q  202 
Brian Elliott D 208
Doug Ely  TC  234A, 93 
Ian Hogben K 201, 216, 218, Operations
Karl Gurney  TB  227 
Mark Carrara MH 210
Mick Parsons   T   236 
Pat Spencer AR 236
Paul Wheeler K Operations
Rob Sheen L, U Staff buses
Robert Bowen AL 200
Roger Newport TB 227 
Stan Attewell NB 215
Stuart Perry   MH 210, Operations, Staff buses
Terence Uden TB 227
Terry Baybutt EW Staff outings
Terry Cooper  TB  227  
Unknown driver NS 250
William George Robert      CN, A, TC    CN 


Others have kindly supplied recollections of RFs and their routes:


Dave Kreisler 
Dave Wangford 212
David Hurley WP
David Mitchell 251
David Roland-Shrubb        213
Derek Fisk WP
Derek Reynolds                                   233
Ian Smith 227 
John McAlpine 254
John Parkin CN 
Keith Williams 211
Ken Stevens 233
Maurice Bateman 136
Paul Brophy 202
Roy Barnacle 236


We always welcome more memories, suggestions for what you might cover are here.  And if you have photos you'd like to share, please e-mail us.

Elsewhere, if you haven't read it, do look at Doris Hazell's memories as a tram and bus conductor during and after the war.  There is also David Streatfield's blog 40 years on the buses, including early stints at Edgware and Uxbridge in the 1960s.  I might also mention a couple of excellent books - Stan Collins' 'The Wheels Used to Talk To Us' about trams and J. S. Wagstaff's 'Bus Crew - London 1924-1970' in which Jim and May Cooke talk about their days on the buses from London's Bromley Garage.