Harrow August 2006

Route 136 photo gallery

Thanks to the photographers for submitting the pictures on this page; click on each for a larger version.  For photos of the route in its heyday, click here.
RF491 at Harrow School
RF491 stops at Harrow School.
Photo © Steve Whitelegg 2006
RF453 passes Harrow School Outfitters
RF453 passes Harrow School Outfitters en route to South Harrow.
Photo © Steve Whitelegg 2006
RF486 in Harrow View, from RF453
RF486 climbs Harrow View on the run from the garage, as seen from RF453.
Photo © John Hinson 2006
RF486 traversing Harrow village
RF486 displays a blind for the original short route.
Photo © Steve Whitelegg 2006
Three RFs in Harrow View
RFs 453, 486 and 491 grace Harrow View, which had no bus service until the 136 was extended in 1969.
Photo © Steve Whitelegg 2006