Colindale Running Day

Bus routes

It was the construction of the M1 across Mill Hill Broadway, parallel to the railway, that resulted in the low rail bridge being remodelled and the bus station being rebuilt underneath the motorway.  During the works in 1966, RF383 runs a 240A to Mill Hill East.
Photo © Mike Beamish
From early beginnings when Edgware was out in the country (see the history of route 142), the bus network grew rapidly between the wars as the area developed.  By 1935, present day routes 113, 142, 240 and 251 were largely in place.  The 221 and 292 were introduced in the early 1960s when the trolleybuses were replaced.  Many of the routes we will operate on 29 August, which reflect the 1960s pattern, are therefore still familiar today.  Local passengers should note that there will be some detailed differences from present day routes - conductors on our buses will assist in these cases.

The following services are planned for operation, generally between about 10.30 am and 5 pm.  Some journeys will run over sections of the route only, please refer to the destination shown on the front of the bus. 


A map showing the routes is here.  Departure times from key north London locations are here.  Details of feeder and special services are here.



Aldenham LT Works - Edgware - Burnt Oak - Colindale - Colindale RAF Museum (limited service)


Edgware Station - Mill Hill Circus - Hendon Central (journeys to/from Colindale RAF Museum)

 140 Mill Hill East - Mill Hill - Burnt Oak - Queensbury - Harrow Weald Garage (special morning journeys only)

Stanmore - Edgware - Burnt Oak - Colindale - Colindale RAF Museum


Edgware Station - Mill Hill - Bunns Lane - Mill Hill East - North Finchley (journeys to/from Colindale RAF Museum)


Edgware Station - Mill Hill - The Ridgeway - Mill Hill East - Golders Green (journeys to/from Colindale RAF Museum)


Edgware Station - Mill Hill - Bunns Lane - Mill Hill East (journeys to/from Colindale RAF Museum)

 251 Stanmore - Edgware - Burnt Oak - Totteridge - Arnos Grove (journeys to/from Colindale RAF Museum)
 292 Colindale RAF Museum - Colindale - Burnt Oak - Stirling Corner, journeys to Borehamwood Rossington Avenue


An illustrated programme including full timetables will be available on the day at the RAF Museum.