Carshalton running day

Sunday 15 April 2007

Programme changes

The printed programme went to press on 19 March, since when some additional services have been scheduled and other small changes made.  These are summarised below by route.
80A: the 1621 from Walton-on-the-Hill will terminate at Sutton Station.
80B (Aldgate feeder service): boarding at Aldgate is at Monories, stop H, not the bus station as shown in the 80A timetable.
151: due to a mechanical failure, the morning service will be operated by one RF, not two, but will not be limited in capacity.  And unfortunately there will be no afternoon service, again due to non-availability of the bus.
154: in addition to the published times, some extended journeys will operate.  The online timetable has been updated.  The route will now be operated by both RT and DM buses, and certain journeys will be Routemaster operated as a trolleybus replacement 654 service.
157: the 1000 service from Crystal Palace will depart from bus stop E.
213: due to the non-availability of one bus, the morning service has been reduced.

234A: due to a mechanical failure, the afternoon service will be operated by one limited-capacity RF, not two.


262: after the main service has finished, a special service will run over Cuddington route 262, starting from Cheam at 1800.


408: the 1640 from Sutton will terminate at Beddington Plough.