Photos of RF486 in service

Page last updated 19 February 2017

Lurk, lurk

One of very few early photos of the first RF486 (body 8004, CU no. 9544).  Twickenham Station Yard in the early 1950s.  RT2141 is laying-over on the 203 prior to running back to its home garage.  RT3690 and RF486, which were both allocated to Hounslow between 1953 and 1956, are perhaps on a Railway Emergency Service?  The railway buildings are long gone, but the Albany is still there.
Photo Peter Osborn collection
Perhaps the same day as the above picture, certainly the same location.
Photo © Remember When
After its first overhaul in 1957, RF486 went to West Green garage for the 233 until 1959.
It is seen here in May 1958 laying over in Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, accompanied by
one of the RTLs that operated short workings on the route, RTL1430.
Photo © RA Golds

Finsbury Park, 1962

This might not, at first sight, look like a picture of RF486.  But the current body and chassis of RF486 were numbered as RF471 from 1961 until its last overhaul in 1966 (see the History).  Here picking up a good load in Finsbury Park on 5 August 1962, it works duty T1 from Leyton on the 236.

Photo © Gerald Mead, Peter Gomm collection


Seen heading out of Kingston, RF486 works the 215 in its final period of service from Norbiton.

Photo Peter Osborn collection


Sunday 285 at Heathrow
Seen again while working from Norbiton in February 1970, RF486 is at Heathrow bus station on the Sunday OMO service of the 285, followed by an RT on the 140 and an RM on the 81B.
Photo © Peter Esposito


RFs 471 and 486 at Reigate Garage while serving as Chiswick staff buses between November 1973 and May 1976.  Note the non-standard small roundel on the side of RF486, and the extra fog lamps on both buses, fitted to all three of the first batch of Chiswick staff RFs.  Judging by the nearside corner damage to both, there was a hazard specific to that duty.
Photo Peter Osborn collection
The final year.  After recertification, RF486 vanished, then was nominally allocated to Loughton as a trainer over the winter of 1978/9 (it may have been there earlier).  The bus was actually used to take staff to North Weald airfield for driver training on the RTs there.  Clearly the bus carries no L plates.
Photo © Metropolitan Photographic, Peter Osborn collection

Right at Hadrian's Wall then just keep going ...

After sale by LT on 31 December 1979 ('clear the decks for the new decade'), 486 went to stay in Scotland for a period, then returned to England via several dealers.  It is seen here still in as-withdrawn condition, albeit rather more worn, in Wallingford 1991.

Photo © Graham Lunn