Old Kent Road garage reunion

Route 89

The modern 89 to Slade Green passes the 1950s version to Welling Guy Earl Of Warwick at Blackheath.

Photo © Peter Osborn


Route 89 since the war has run from Lewisham to Welling, and more recently beyond.  In 1963, the route added the section via Bexleyheath back to Eltham, previously covered by the 132 then the 195, creating a long loop that took 70 minutes to get from Lewisham to Eltham against 20 minutes on the 21.  These days the route from Bexleyheath covers the former 122 to Slade Green.
The route was worked by RTs from Catford (TL) on Monday to Saturday and Old Kent Road (P) at weekends.  The P allocation moved to New Cross (NX) between 1952 and 1957, when the TL allocation also moved across.  From 1963, Bexleyheath (BX) progressively took over the work, running RTs until 1978.  Today, BX and NX share the route.
RT1702 at the modern Welling stand.     RT3774 in Shooters Hill (?) on the way to Lewisham.
Photos © Peter Larkham, Ian Armstrong collection
The return from Welling to Catford was run over Catford route 160, which shared the Welling stand with the 89 for many years.  RT4456 pulls onto the stand, RT1702 in Welling Way.   
Photos © MG Webber (Ian Armstrong collection), Peter Larkham