A very tatty RF458 at MordenCarshalton 2007

Route 80A


On conversion to RF in 1969, the route operated as follows:

MORDEN STATION, Sutton Common Road, Sutton Garage, Sutton, Belmont Stn, Tadworth Stn, WALTON ON THE HILL Howard Close

On 15 April 2007, the full route will operate.  See the timetable.
Main boarding points

Sutton Green, Sutton, Belmont Station.

As one-man operation took hold, a number of London Transport's RT routes were converted to RF operation.  Two early examples were the 80 and 80A in 1969, reintroducing RFs to Sutton garage after a gap of six years.   Sutton's RF era came to an end in 1976 when the routes was converted to Bristol BL operation.  Here, a tired-looking RF458 is seen opposite Morden Station in 1976, just before conversion.  This one-man bus is not the bus the conductress with the Gibson is waiting for.
Photo © Busphotos 1976
BL10 in the country
Route history
Running from Tooting Broadway as an RT route after the war, the northern section of the 80A reverted to its original pre-war terminus at Morden Station on conversion to driver-only RF operation in 1969.  One of the routes that 'disappeared off the map', the 80A served the picturesque Surrey village of Walton-on-the-Hill until 1982.  The route was converted from RF to Bristol BL in 1976.
Full details of the history of the 80 and 80A are given here.

BL10 represents the new order in July 1977.  Thanks to Rob Telford for identifying the location as the terminus opposite Belmont station, before it was reworked at the end of the 80s.  He has heard tell that the cafe featured as a location in Antinioni's 1966 film, Blow Up.

Photo Ian Armstrong collection