RF529 in WallingtonCarshalton 2007

Route 234A

This long-running route operated as follows:
PURLEY Old Lodge Lane, Purley Fountain, Foxley Lane, Woodcote, Wallington Station, Manor Rd, London Road, HACKBRIDGE CORNER Elm Road 
On 15 April 2007, the free service will operate mainly between Hackbridge and Purley, with journeys to Old Lodge Lane.  See the timetable.
Main boarding points
Hackbridge Elm Road, Wallington Station, Purley Fountain
The road under the railway in Wallington was lowered in 1966, allowing double-deck operation and the return of the 157 to its original routing.  By the last day of RF operation on 22 January 1977, RF529 was looking very tired, ready for some Mauritius sunshine which it saw that June.                 Photo © John Parkin
Route history
The 87, nowadays the new-look number for London's last suffixed route 77A, was a General route running from Streatham to Purley via Wallington and Foxley Lane.  It was single-decked due to the low bridge at Wallington Station and was for many years the only north-south route through Wallington.  Renumbered 234 in the 1934 renumbering, the 234 was joined by the 234A in 1938 to provide a through service from Purley Old Lodge Lane.
Operated throughout by LT Scooters until the RFs arrived, initially from Sutton and later Croydon garages, the 234A took over the north-south service when the 234 was double-decked and therefore turned short south of the bridge in 1950.  RFs arrived in 1953 and remained for 24 years, converting to one-man operation in 1966.  Today the 127 covers the Mitcham to Purley section, while the 455 covers Old Lodge Lane.
More details of the 234A here.