Wallington - a Sunday in the 1960sCarshalton 2007

Route 115A

This Sunday variant of the 115 ran as follows:
WALLINGTON Belmont Road, Carshalton Stn, Hackbridge, Mitcham, Streatham, Thornton Heath, Purley Way, CROYDON AIRPORT
On 15 April 2007, the free service will operate mainly between Mitcham and Wallington, with certain early journeys to Croydon Airport.  See the timetable.
Main boarding points
Wallington Station, Carshalton Pond, Hackbridge Elm Road, Mitcham Cricketers
Route history
RTs were introduced on route 115 by Croydon (TC) garage in 1948, but Sutton's allocation remained D until 1953.  Running from Wallington to Croydon Airport in a horseshoe shape via Mitcham and Streatham, the 115 was extended to Whyteleafe on weekdays from 1950. 
The 115 always operated direct between Wallington and Hackbridge Corner, along the route of the 234A, but from November 1964 the Sunday service was diverted to serve Carshalton Pond and Station and was renumbered 115A.  This replaced the Sunday projection from Mitcham to Wallington on the 44, which was withdrawn at the same time.
RM337 in original condition lays over at Belmont Road, Wallington in about 1966.
Photo © Peter Osborn
By this time the route was operated by Thornton Heath (TH), who continued to provide RTs for the 115 until conversion to OMO SMS at the start of 1971.  The 115A differed however in becoming RM-operated from October 1965, switching to SMS from the same date.  The Saturday service became the 115A from 1972, but both reverted to the direct routing from 1978, running as 115, and the 115A was no more.  The 115 itself disappeared in a wholesale reorganisation in 1981.
RT294 on the 115 sets down at Mitcham Fair Green.
Photo © John Parkin