Route 212 and 233 RF anniversary event

Sunday 17 February 2013

Event page retained for reference

Wells Terrace, Finsbury Park, on 1 Mar 53.  The last new RFs at Muswell Hill garage entered service on this day; RF453 is already 11 days into its service life.
Photo © Alan Cross, Allen T Smith collection
The red RF 60th anniversary season continues with a special 60th birthday outing for RF486.  RF486 was delivered new to Aldenham on 17 February 1953, so is officially 60 on 17 February 2013.  Six days later it was delivered to Muswell Hill garage as one of the second batch of RFs for use on route 212 (Muswell Hill to Finsbury Park).  After first overhaul in 1957, RF486 went to West Green garage for route 233 (Northumberland Park to Finsbury Park), working there for the last 17 months of RF operation.
To mark the 60th anniversary of the arrival of the new buses on both routes in February 1953, as well as RF486's birthday, we will run over the 212 and 233 on Sunday 17 February 2013.  As these routes have now been renumbered (as W7 and W3 respectively), the bus will not formally be in service, but will carry passengers and will stop on request at W7 and W3 bus stops.  Space is obviously limited.
On the same day as Allen Smith's photo above, and on the stand behind that of the 212, RF461 awaits departure for Wood Green Underground Station (not Wood Green Station (ER)).
Photo © Alan B Cross, Allen T Smith collection
We will start at Finsbury Park Wells Terrace at 1130 for a run over the 212 to Muswell Hill Broadway, arriving about 1145.  With stops for photos, the return journey will bring us back to Finsbury Park at about 1210.
We will then run the 233 to Northumberland Park, departing about 1220 and taking about three quarters of an hour.  We should pass Alexandra Palace at about 1235, then again on the return trip at about 1330.
A second run over the 212 will depart Finsbury Park about 1400, arriving Muswell Hill about 1415 and then returning to Finsbury Park to bring the tour to a close.
As we will respond where possible to conditions on the day, the timings should be considered as somewhat flexible.
Histories of the routes and route maps are here for the 212 and here for the 233.
The bus will make periodic stops for photographs, depending on conditions.  Alternatively, photographers may find the following locations suitable, depending on time of day:
  • Stroud Green Road
  • Muswell Hill Broadway
  • Muswell Hill/Alexandra Palace Victoria
  • Alexandra Palace
  • Buckingham Road, by Alexandra Palace Stn
  • White Hart Lane Stn


Please watch for traffic and stay safe.

Five years later, and the Finsbury Park terminal working has changed direction.  RF486 on the 233 stands in Clifton Terrace and will depart via Wells Terrace.
Photo © Alan B Cross, Allen T Smith collection

Status of services

This operation is provided free of charge.  It is not part of the London Buses network and Transport for London has no responsibility for it.  Use of bus stops is by agreement with TfL on this basis. Drivers are required to comply with all instructions given by authorised officials of TfL and London Buses on the use of bus stops and bus stands. In the event of any difficulties affecting London bus services, be aware that drivers may be required immediately to vacate bus stops and stands. 


The bus is elderly, privately owned and operated and maintained at the owners' expense. Please respect this and do not bring food or drink onto the bus.  All journeys run and carry passengers subject to vehicle availability and the discretion of crews; passengers travel at their own risk.  Please take care when entering and leaving vehicles.