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Page last updated 4 January 2017


If you need to identify a RF or an RT from its registration, you are either one of those gifted few who know them all by heart, or you have to look them up.  Having done so on Ian Smith's site for many years, I decided the time had come to bring all the registrations of the RF, RT and related classes together, and also to explain what filled the gaps.  For those with an enduring fascination with numbers, these are for you.


London Transport (and their predecessors, from the very early days of motor buses) were allocated blocks of registration numbers by London County Council, to allocate as they wished.  Whilst the RLHs and GSs came close, it was really only the late red RFs and the Country RFs that brought registration numbers aligned with bonnet numbers (until the bonnet numbers changed...).  Apart from the Tram & Trolleybus Department, who aligned trolleybus registration numbers from the first standard batches; trolleybuses are not covered by the attached lists. 


RF registration sequences (searchable PDF), including renumberings

RT registration sequences (searchable PDF)

RTL and RTW registration sequences (searchable PDF)

LT registrations 1939-1959 (Excel file) - this currently excludes most of the utility buses.


Other invaluable links:

Ian Smith's Bus Stop - details of individual buses for many classes

Eric Scott's registration number database - includes some pre-war classes.  Some data may be upside-down.

Tom Young's LT Service Vehicles - a useful reference source with full search


Things are not always what they seem.  This is RF486 during overhaul in 2015.

Photo © Peter Osborn