Known as Derleston in 1294, Dalston was still a hamlet in 1800, mainly owned by the Graham family, for whom Graham Road is named.   Just to the east, London Fields is recorded from 1540 and presumed named from its position at the London end of Hackney's busiest local road.
The erstwhile military barracks in Shrubland Road provided the site for Dalston bus garage, home to most of the routes being operated on Easter Sunday.  The garage closed in 1981 and has been redeveloped for housing.  The Havelock Arms, almost opposite and used as the destination for Dalston garage journeys on route 236, has also vanished.
Before the garage closed in 1981, Keith Foster visited to photograph Routemasters and caught RLH23 marking the 10th anniversary of the end of the 178.  A collection of Keith's photos are attached