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Epsom Coaches closed on 25 June 2017, after 97 years of excellent service to the people of Epsom.  Long a feature of the town, especially when the garage was in South Street, HR Richmond Ltd was owned by the Richmond family until acquired by the French state-owned metro company RATP in 2012.  The bus division will continue under its trading name of Quality Line, but the famous maroon and cream coaches will disappear. 

To mark the closure, we dedicated our 406 running day to the team at Epsom Coaches.  The Setra worked on the route, giving a last chance for many to savour the famed comfort, while preserved Bedford SB PPH698 gave tours of the area.

Photos © Nick Street (the coaches) and Steve Guess (the poster carried by PPH698)


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406 event - The photo gallery has been extended. 
Sunday 16 July 2017: Alton Bus Rally
RF486 will operate a feeder service from Dorking via Abinger Hammer and Guildford, as follows.
Dorking (Station) 
Dorking (White Horse)
Abinger Hammer
Guildford (Bus Station, Stand 21)
Guildford (Railway Bridge, Stop B) 
Alton (Anstey Park)
0934 (connects with TfL 465 bus from Kingston)
Return departs Alton Anstey Park at 1700.
On 10 May, to mark the 70th anniversary of the post-war RT, there was a road run over route 10 from Victoria Bus Station to Abridge and a visit to Leyton Garage.  Thanks to contributing photographers, a photo-record is here.
Terence Uden's memories of conducting on the 227 and Alan Bond's memories as a conductor and driver at Edgware have been added.  A new page has been added on Rail tickets on buses, as a result of further information from Keith Williams.  Various other additions have been made.  And finally, there is an index of RF and RT family registration numbers.
Central Area single-deck operations
The site provides details of single-deck services operated by the Central Area of London Transport, up to 1968, and in particular those operated by RFs (1952-1979) - see Red RF routes.  We are pleased to include memories and comments from crews and others that remember RFs in operation.  More detail is added periodically, and comments and additional input are welcome, please email.  There are also a brief history of the RF class, some local history and some background notes on LT operations.
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David Moore captured RLH23 at our first event, Hackney 2006, arriving at the Maryland terminus of the 178.
Photo © David Moore