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Over 55 years ago, RF354 in unmodified form is seen passing Vine Street Station in Uxbridge in 1961/62, during the first period of RF operation in the town.  One of Fred Ivey's superb colour pictures from way back then, which Fred will be presenting to a meeting of the London Historical Research Group of the Omnibus Society on 14 June 2018.  LHRG, OS and LOTS members welcome.

Photo © Fred Ivey


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Classic bus events

A road run over former Hounslow routes 237, 211 and 202 took place on 11 February.  Report and photos (updated) here
Next event: Spring Gathering 15 April at London Bus Museum, featuring a wide range of buses (and coaches) in service and on display.
Central Area single-deck operations
The site provides details of single-deck services operated by the Central Area of London Transport, up to 1968, and in particular those operated by RFs (1952-1979) - see Red RF routes.  We are pleased to include memories and comments from crews and others that remember RFs in operation.  More detail is added periodically, and comments and additional input are welcome, please email.  There are also a brief history of the RF class, some local history and some background notes on LT operations.
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David Moore captured RLH23 at our first event, Hackney 2006, arriving at the Maryland terminus of the 178.
Photo © David Moore